Fort McKay First Nation members protest outside band offices in October. Two councillors are taking the band to court after being barred from meetings. ((CBC))

A band councillor with the Fort MacKay First Nation is taking his band to Federal Court after he was barred from attending council meeting.

In court documents, Mike Orr states he and another councillor asked for a financial review of the band’s companies after hearing about an alleged $250,000 bonus given to a band employee.

The two have been banned since October from attending further council meetings. Neither has been paid since Nov. 25, court documents state.

Orr wants the court to reinstate him as a councillor, ensure he is included in council meetings and continues to receive his salary.

Documents filed by the band said Orr is still a councillor, though council is planning a vote next week to have him removed. The band accuses Orr of creating strife within council.           

Fort McKay is 60 kilometers north of Fort McMurray and is on the edge of northern Alberta's oilsands developments.