Blackfalds RCMP say a man wanted this week for impersonating a police officer is in fact a member of a neighbouring detachment.

Police began looking for the suspect after a woman was pulled over Tuesday by a man dressed in black. 

The woman was driving north on Highway 2A in Blackfalds, 140 km south of Edmonton, when a newer model, grey Jeep Patriot pulled up behind her and activated a siren and flashing lights.

When the woman stopped her vehicle, she was approached by a man in black clothing who identified himself as a police officer and showed her a badge.

After asking to see the woman's insurance and registration, the man gave her a warning and drove off.

The woman reported the incident to Blackfalds RCMP because she was suspicious, police said. 

RCMP confirmed Wednesday the man who pulled the woman over is in fact a police officer from a neighbouring detachment, and was driving an unmarked police vehicle with working emergency equipment. 

The case of mistaken identity could have been because this police officer isn't on the road all the time, or because the woman didn't initially see the flashing red and blue lights, Sgt. Whitney Benoit said.