Premier Rachel Notley says the Alberta NDP will take the advice of the ethics commissioner and start advertising all fundraising events, regardless of the level of access.

"The ethics commissioner specifically said where we have events that are differential, we should advertise them too," Notley said Tuesday. "We're happy to do that."

On Monday, Notley was cleared of conflict of interest allegations for her role in two NDP fundraisers in Edmonton and Toronto last month. But ethics commissioner Marguerite Trussler warned the events caused optics problems and urged new rules be developed governing fundraising events. 

The Edmonton event featured an invitation-only availability with Notley that preceded the main event at the Art Gallery of Alberta. That $1,000 event was not widely advertised.

Although it was approved in advance by the commissioner, the event was cancelled after the Wildrose sent a complaint.

Trussler also reviewed Notley's involvement in a fundraiser in Toronto with Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwarth. The fundraiser, which cost nearly $10,000 a ticket, offered corporations access to the two leaders.

This raised eyebrows since corporations are not allowed to donate to political parties in Alberta. Money raised by the event went to the NDP in Ontario. 

Notley won't rule out attending fundraising events outside of the province. However, she said it won't happen in the near future since she is busy dealing with Alberta issues right now. 

Notley said the trip was never meant to be a secret because she knew she would have to publicly declare her travel expenses.

In the future, she says the public will be told before she travels to out-of-province fundraisers.