Former premier Alison Redford was absent again from the legislative assembly, the third day since the session resumed on Monday.

Redford stepped down as premier last month but remains the MLA for Calgary-Elbow.

Premier Dave Hancock says he's not concerned about Redford's absence from the legislature. 

Hancock, who took over as Progressive Conservative leader after Redford stepped down, says that she has has not broken any rules of the caucus.

He said that the speaker of the Legislative Assembly is responsible for watching MLA attendance.

"From time to time, members have been away and they have to account to the speaker, to provide the speaker with their note, if you will, for an excused absence or take the consequences of that,” he said.

“That’s between them and the speaker.”

Hancock said he talked to Redford today but he would not reveal what they discussed.

Liberal leader Raj Sherman says that if an MLA is being paid to represent Albertans, they should show up for work.

Redford has not commented publicly on the secret plan to build her a penthouse on top of the Federal Building in downtown Edmonton.

The story, which was first revealed by CBC News, came out four days after Redford left office as premier.