A notorious door-to-door salesman banned from direct-selling in B.C. for a record 15 years, could face jail time if he continues to rip-off Albertans, says Service Alberta.

Lloyd Clement Schell has a 20-year history of misleading sales practices and taking advantage of vulnerable seniors by using a fraudulent water test to sell grossly-overpriced home water filters.

Banned salesman Lloyd Schell

Lloyd Schell set up shop across Alberta and B.C. ripping off seniors using bogus water tests to sell overpriced filters. (CBC)

In 2005, the B.C. government banned him from direct-selling for five years, but while under the ban, he set up shop in Alberta.

He was caught, convicted and ordered to repay at least one of his victims, Antje Bettac of Hilliard east of Edmonton, but failed to do so.

"I don't really dream of getting that money back, but we try," she told CBC News.

Schell is not licensed to sell in Alberta and if he continues, the penalties here will get stiffer too, said Mike Berezowsky of Service Alberta.

"The courts will get to a certain point where they start giving jail sentences and putting these people behind bars."

With files from CBC's Mark Harvey