Alberta vehicle, land title registries still offline after Shaw fire

Service Alberta says it has restored most of the services knocked offline by a fire in Calgary last week, but vehicle and land title registries are still down.

Albertans looking to register their vehicles or land titles will have to wait a while longer, as the province says it hasn’t been able to restore those services after they were knocked offline by a fire at the Shaw Communications building in downtown Calgary last week.

Service Alberta Minister Manmeet Bhullar said with the exception of those two registries, all other services had been restored by Monday.

"Like many Albertans, we have been frustrated by this disruption and we have taken immediate action to minimize the impact to Albertans who need to access motor vehicle and land registry services," Bhullar said in a release Sunday night.

The fire wreaked havoc on the province’s system last week, making it impossible to request high school transcripts or apply renew drivers’ licenses.

Many private registry agents were turning customers away late last week.

The province says it has changed some rules for Albertans while the motor vehicle and land title registries are down.

They include allowing people to continue using drivers’ license that expired in July or use in-transit permits while waiting to transfer a license plate to a new vehicle.

The province will also accept time-sensitive land title documents at offices in Edmonton and Calgary.