Starting next month, Albertans can call a new number to learn about road and weather conditions across the province.

The province is introducing a 511 number to give people information while they are travelling.

"The idea is to give people a tool to help plan their trips," said Alberta Transportation spokesman Trent Bancarz.

"If you are travelling in an area where there is a fairly major collision and there are going to be significant delays, it gives you an opportunity to maybe pick an alternative route and avoid that."

The Alberta Motor Association has long offered the information on its website, but the province hopes the new number will simplify things.


Albertans will be able to access road reports online or by calling the province's 511 number. (Laura Osman/CBC News)

Don Szarko, director of community services with AMA, says the association will now focus on different kinds of reports.

"We'll have more information about vacationing perhaps and stuff that's more general, seasonal travel and whatnot," he said.

The 511 number is already widely used in the United States and some other provinces.