After some bad publicity regarding the oilsands, Alberta is trying to amp up its tourism industry with a new ad campaign.

More than $5 billion comes into the province from tourists, according to Travel Alberta. The province is hoping the updated Travel Alberta's campaign, Remember to Breathe, will inspire awe and strike an emotional cord.

The videos, catering to the "emotion of travel" are designed to improve Alberta’s image internationally.

In July, a United States group uncovered billboards advising Americans to reconsider their travel plans to Alberta because of the province's oilsands projects.

Then-Premier Ed Stelmach responded to the ads and even invited people to come visit — especially Fort McMurray and the northern region around the oilsands.

Travel Alberta responded with a campaign which sought to inform people on the oilsands.

The campaign had minimal success and Travel Alberta has said they were "disappointed" but not overly worried.

The new campaign will begin in the U.S. before being unveliled internationally and across Canada.