The Alberta Teacher’s Association has agreed to drop a defamation lawsuit against Piotr Pilarski, a key member of the Progressive Conservative party, after he provided a written apology and formal retraction.

The ATA launched a defamation lawsuit against Pilarski in June over statements he made on Twitter.

The tweets, which were reproduced in the statement of claim filed by the ATA on June 6, includes one that says: “The #ATA is soft on pedophiles and that doesn’t work for Albertans. Full stop. period. Nothing else.”

Another one cited in the court document said: “The facts are simple…the ATA does mot (sic) cancel certificates for pedophole (sic) teachers. Period.”

Pilarski has since apologized and retracted the statement, which ATA president Mark Ramsankar said was “an important step.”

“For someone to claim that the Alberta Teacher’s Association accepts and protects pedophiles is so grossly overstated,” he said. “That’s why we took the action we did against Mr. Pilarski.”

Now, Ramsankar says the ATA wants to move forward from the situation.

“I am looking forward to maintaining discussions on education issues and issues that impact the classrooms in our province,” he said.