Susan Fyfe helped nurse nearly 100 malnourished horses back to health two years ago. ((CBC))

A woman who helped rehabilitate nearly 100 starving horses seized from an Alberta farm two years ago has turned her Ardrossan stables into a rescue centre for neglected and injured horses.

"We work with the SPCA. So when the SPCA gets a herd of horses in, they get placed with us," said Susan Fyfe.

Since January, 86 horses have come to Fyfe's Keno Hills Stables east of Edmonton after they were seized by Alberta SPCA.

"Horses that needed to be healed, to be fed, and had to have veterinary care and proper care, that's where our expertise could come in, rather than just getting the neighbour's horse," she said.

Fyfe's rescue foundation has its roots in the seizure of 97 emaciated horses from a farm near Andrew, Alta. in February 2008. 

The carcasses of close to 30 horses were found dead on the farm. Fyfe and a team of volunteers nursed the surviving animals back to health, and by July of that year, most of the animals had been adopted.


Susan Fyfe strokes the nose of Sugar, a 2-year-old horse her group recently nursed back to health. ((CBC))

The remaining donations from that rescue effort prompted the group to continue their efforts.

"As a group and a foundation, we felt that we were very qualified to continue rescuing horses ... then they asked me if I would be willing to continue using my land, and that was an easy decision because it helped so many people and so many horses," Fyfe said.

Since then, Fyfe and her group continue to nurse horses back to health.

One of the horses, Sugar, was anemic and malnourished when she was brought to Fyfe's stable. Volunteers spent the first eight days hand-feeding the animal around the clock while she laid on the ground.

Now she's healthy enough to be integrated into the main herd, Fyfe said.