A limit on baths in Alberta care homes has inspired some creative gift-giving this Christmas.

Robert Bonyun, 65, who has a degenerative brain disease, was admitted to a Calgary long-term care home just before Christmas last year.

His wife, Nancy Cameron, was shocked to learn he would receive just one bath a week.

"They were like, 'No, if you want him to have extra baths you have to either bath him yourself or bring someone in.'"

Cameron said she couldn't bathe him and, with less family income, couldn't afford to pay someone else to bathe him.

But when her friend Randa Wheaton found out, she decided to pay for an extra shower every other week.

"I mean normally I don't give people more than a $500 Christmas gift," Wheaton said.

Cameron said she was touched.

"I almost burst into tears — I couldn't believe it," Cameron said. "He was thrilled. I think he had some tears in his eyes too."

Wheaton said she'll give the same gift this year.

"On one hand, for me it's a great gift, but on the other hand I shouldn't have to be giving him this, it should be provided."

Calgary Liberal MLA Kent Hehr first raised the issue last month. The province says it is looking at the issue.