For the first time in more than eight decades, CBC producer Paul Moore's family didn't have their annual spring cattle drive.

Usually, the family of cowboys and cowgirls uses horses to move their herd from the ranch near Marwayne, Alta. to the summer grazing fields about sixty kilometres north.

Paul Moore

CBC Producer Paul Moore shows off his riding skills. (CBC)

Although that part of rural Alberta is cowboy country, it is also oil country. Increasing tanker traffic in the area has caused the ranching family to feel unsafe riding and moving their cattle on the road.

This year, it was all too much.

Instead of a spring cattle drive, the family loaded the herd into massive cattle liners to truck them to the summer pasture.

"I really miss the activity of the drive itself. Because we had it for a lot of years," said Moore's 97-year-old grandma Margaret Wheat.

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