Motorists need report only collisions resulting in $2,000 damage or more. ((CBC))

New regulations regarding which fender-benders to report to police kick in Saturday across Alberta.

Starting Jan. 1, drivers whose vehicles are damaged to the tune of $2,000 or less no longer need to call police.  

Previously motorists had to report vehicle damage of $1,000.

The new rules will mean less work for motorists and police, said Martin Dupuis, spokesman for Alberta Transportation.

"People won't have to fill out a collision report for a very small collision so this will free people from having to do that," he said. "And on the same token the enforcement agencies won't have to fill out those reports either."

The new regulations will reduce collision reports by about 20 percent and put Alberta in line with other provinces, Dupuis estimated.

"It will ensure a comparability of statistics across Canada. All provinces are expected to implement this change so it will be consistent basically throughout the country."

Quebec also recently raised the damage threshold to $2,000, said Dupuis.