On May 6 last year, Tim Webb and his wife Bethani's family ballooned from two to six when Bethani gave birth to identical quadruplets.

Webb, now living with his wife and four children in Hythe, Alta., said at the time "it was a surreal type of thing."

A year later, things still seem unreal — but this time, it's how fast they grew up.

"It's kind of surreal that they turned one — four of them turned one," Webb told CBC Saturday night. "It hasn't quite sunk in yet."

Abigail, Emily, Grace and McKayla celebrated their first birthday with a cake smash. It was streamed live on Facebook Saturday.

Their father had to do yard maintenance for most of the day, but he said he spent some time with them after their shoot and cake smash.

If you're having trouble identifying who is who, don't worry — Webb said he still has a tough time. "It's still kind of hard, believe it or not," he said. "It's getting a little easier."

(In the video, Abigail is wearing a blue bow, Emily purple, Grace red and McKayla pink.)

He said Emily is the biggest and has a white spot on her head, but telling the other three apart can sometimes be difficult.

He could tell all of them had fun smashing their cakes, though.

'I feel really blessed'

As he reflects on the past year, Webb said his girls have grown so fast. "Watching them grow is something else," he said. "They're so big and healthy."

From left to right, Quadruplets Abigail, Emily, Grace and McKayla Webb

From left to right, quadruplets Abigail, Emily, Grace and McKayla Webb during their Christmas photo shoot. (Webb family)

Taking care of them and watching them grow has been an adjustment, but Webb said he's learned a lot from it.

"Be patient, I guess, is what I've learned," he said. "Going from being, you know, a single guy to being married, to having four kids all in the span of like, I don't know, not even three years, I've learned to be patient."

And though it was clearly a steep change, he's happy where he's at. "I feel really blessed and lucky to be the guy this happened to," he said. "I wouldn't have it any other way."