A third person with developmental disabilities has been scalded in a bath at an Alberta government-operated care home.


Frank Oberle, associate minister for persons with disabilities, is dismayed by the latest scalding. (CBC)

While the man received only minor burns to his heel, Frank Oberle, associate minister for persons with disabilities, says he is profoundly dismayed.

"This is one of the unbelievable responsibilities we have here — to care for vulnerable people who can't care for themselves," he said.

"We can't take that lightly. We've got to get to the bottom of these incidents and we've got to stop them."

The incident happened March 9 at group home in Calgary, and is the third bath scalding in the last 16 months in Alberta.

In November 2011, a 35-year-old disabled Calgary man died in hospital after being scalded.

After the death, the government promised to upgrade training for care workers and paid for temperature sensors to be installed in more than 1,000 group homes.

second victim suffered burns to his ankles and buttocks in March 2012 at a group home in Medicine Hat when a temperature control valve failed and an employee failed to test the water.

An investigation into the latest scalding is underway and should be completed in a few weeks, Oberle said.