Alberta Premier Alison Redford hopes that her B.C. counterpart, Christy Clark, has abandoned her demands to share royalties from the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

"I hope that that's the case," Redford said Tuesday in an interview with CBC News chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge in Edmonton.

"It certainly hasn't been talked about in the last two weeks and I think that's helpful because it allows us to take the conversation somewhere else. I hope the conversation can go somewhere else."

Relations between the two western premiers have been frosty since Clark demanded last summer that her province receive a portion of pipeline royalties to mitigate possible environmental risks to the B.C. coastline.

However, Clark has recently suggested that economic benefits other than royalties would be acceptable to B.C.

The royalty-sharing issue is not up for discussion as far as Redford is concerned.

"If we do that, I do think we're fundamentally altering Confederation," she said.

The National is in Alberta this week for "The Fight for Canada's Oil," a look at the economic benefits and environmental risks of pipeline development.