Cpl. Wayne Oakes announces a new Alberta missing persons website. ((CBC))

Police in Alberta launched a website Tuesday they hope will help them solve cases involving missing or even murdered people.

Officers from across Alberta will use the site to post information about the cases and descriptions of the missing people in an attempt to get tips from the public that can be used in their investigations.

Some of the cases involve people who have been reported missing by their families. Others are cases where police have found human remains or suspect missing people are victims of violence, police said.

"There may be individual or unique characteristics, a particular missing tooth, as an example, say the upper left tooth is missing or they had very unique tattoos," RCMP Cpl. Wayne Oakes said.

Police can also use the site to try to identify human remains.

"There is a artist's reproduction of what they feel the individual may have looked like … and that may result in somebody looking at that and saying, I recognize that person or somebody who looks very close to that," Oakes said.

The Alberta missing persons site is being managed by the team that runs Project Kare, which is investigating cases of missing or murdered women who led high-risk lifestyles. However, the website is not limited to those cases, Oakes said.

The project could be expanded to include cases from across Western Canada, he added.

Police services across Alberta receive about 8,000 calls a year from families and friends looking for a missing person. Of those cases, about 200 use substantial police resources in an investigation, police said.