If the Wildrose ever unites with the PCs, it's clear Calgary-North West MLA Sandra Jansen has no intention of being part of that future.

Jansen, who has said many times that she is fiscally conservative but socially progressive, used her member's statement Monday to rip into the Wildrose party, which she characterized as the "right" people.

"When their bills and motions are rejected, they bring them back over and over," Jansen told the legislature. "Now we see the 'right' people are prepared to introduce Bill 201, likely to be uniquely known as 'Yet Another Recall Act.' And they're doing it for the third time in a row.

"So, while Alberta is dealing with a serious economic crisis, low commodity prices, increasing debt, and unemployment, the right 30 people are intent on making us relive a political issue that was dealt with in the 1930s by the Social Credit Party."

The Wildrose on Monday introduced Bill 201, a revamped version of the MLA recall bill that died on the order paper last fall.