Alberta non-profits get $10.5M in provincial grant funding

Non-profit organizations will receive $10.5 million in funding through Alberta’s Community Grants programs, the province announced Thursday.

Assistance spread over 294 Alberta communities

Belgravia's community league has received grant funding to expand their community centre. (Supplied)

The province handed out $10.5 million to non-profit organizations on Thursday from a pool of money allocated in last spring's budget.

Of that total, $6 million was given out through the Community Facility Enhancement program, and $4.5 million through Community Initiative program grants.

The assistance will be spread over 294 communities across the province.

Culture and Tourism Minister Ricardo Miranda announced Thursday that $10.5 million will go to help Alberta's non-profit organizations. (Lydia Neufeld)

The grants will be used to upgrade facilities such as playgrounds and community halls, and will support social, cultural and recreational programs.

One Edmonton community league is thankful for the assistance.    

"For more than 60 years, the Belgravia community league hall has been the heart of our community," Kevin Klein, president of Belgravia Community League, said in a government news release.

"The funding provided through the Community Facility Enhancement program, along with contributions of the City of Edmonton and the residents of Belgravia, will help us to continue to deliver programs for our youth, seniors and families in a facility of which we can all be proud."

Culture and Tourism Minister Ricardo Miranda, who made the announcement at the Belgravia hall, said the funds will provide much-needed services and programs to Alberta communities.

"This investment in the work of community-based organizations will help ensure that Alberta's youth, families and the most vulnerable in our communities continue to have access to important programs and services, he said.

"Projects to upgrade and develop new community-use facilities and programs also help to support local business and create new job opportunities."

The 2015-16 budget allocated $38 million to the Community Facility Enhancement program and $24.6 million to the Community Initiative program.