An Edmonton area RCMP officer who was harassed for years by his colleagues says he has finally won his fight for compensation.


Cpl. Gerry Hoyland has been on paid medical leave since 2005. (CBC)

An RCMP review found that Gerry Hoyland's colleagues tampered with his car, office, and food and that the force mishandled his complaints.

The RCMP External Review Committee, which investigates grievances in the force, found Hoyland was intimidated, threatened and ridiculed by other Mounties while stationed at the Stony Plain detachment just west of Edmonton from 1998 to 2005.

'The attitude is we can do whatever we want to whoever we want...and an RCMP member has no rights.' —Gerry Hoyland

Hoyland believes people resented that he — as a manager — refused to cover up misdeeds by officers.

After Hoyland sued, the force will pay him an undisclosed sum and make a public apology, he said.

"This is not about money," he said. "This is about how, basically, I was treated. And the apology is the big thing for me."

An internal review found the force did not take his complaints seriously enough.

"The attitude is we can do whatever we want to whoever we want...and an RCMP member has no rights."

He plans to retire after spending seven years on sick leave.

"I don't feel the organization owes me anything," he said. "But I also feel that I don't owe the organization anything either. And that's probably a good time to leave."

He says he will devote his retirement to writing a book about his three decades as a Mountie and helping other officers apply for compensation for psychological trauma.

The RCMP won't comment because the settlement has not been finalized.

Hoyland's $1.6-million civil suit against the RCMP was scheduled to go to trial this year.