A man Tasered earlier this month by Red Deer RCMP died Wednesday in hospital.

An RCMP official told the Canadian Press that Jason Doan, 28, had been in a Red Deer hospital since theAug. 10 incident.

According to police, Doan was hit with a Taser three times after Mounties responded toreportsof a man seen smashing car windows.

Policesay they used the Tasers after an officer was hit with the wooden handle of a pitchfork.

RCMP declined to comment further, except to say the medical examiner is investigating.

Tasers are hand-held weapons that deliver a jolt of electricity — up to 50,000 volts — from up to 6.5 metres away. Theshocktemporarily stuns a person,causing them to be immobilized and fall to the ground.

Amnesty International Canada has been calling for a suspension in the use of Tasers until more studies are conducted on their use.

Calgary police have been askedto review the incident. An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday.