Edmonton band Jr. Gone Wild is getting its knuckles rapped for using a slightly altered version of Alberta's provincial shield to promote the band.

The province recently told the band it is breaking the law.

Lead singer Mike McDonald said the band has long promoted the province by hanging the provincial flag on stage, including one presented to the band by the government, and he's hurt by the sudden turnaround.

"If it was an offensive thing, if it was denigrating the province,. I could understand, " he told CBC News. "But this is — we meant to promote —we're from Alberta.

"Like, there's more to Alberta than politics, oil and hockey."

If the band doesn't comply, McDonald said they could be fined up to $1,000.

"(We) told them they need to stop using it," said Alberta Culture spokesperson Beryl Cullum. "The shield itself is an Alberta symbol ... and Albertans can use it, but they can't alter it."

He said he will meet with his bandmates to figure out their next step.