A Lacombe, Alta. family is celebrating this weekend after setting a new world record with their corn field maze that is also a functional QR code, making it the largest such coding symbol in the world.

The Kraay family grows a field of corn to be cut into a fun maze every year. This season, they designed a QR code that measures about 29,000 square metres.

"So we were just king of flipping through some magazines, saw QR codes all over the place and thought they kind of look like a maze, I wonder if we can make one." Rachel Kraay said about the inspiration for the design. "And it’s kind of snowballed from there."

A typical QR code, or quick response code, consists of black squares arranged in varying patterns on a white background. It is a type of matrix barcode and can be scanned by electronic devices. It’s commonly used with smartphones.

The Kraay family's corn-field code directs people to their website. They note they have tested it, from the air, and it does work as a QR code.

The Guinness Book of World Records confirmed last week the maze is the biggest QR code ever noted in their research.