One of Alberta's latest dinosaur finds has been brought to life by digital media students at NAIT working with dinosaur hunter Frank Hadfield.

Hadfield discovered a fossilized skeleton of a feathered dinosaur in the fossil-rich area around Drumheller seven years ago.

feathered dinosaur

Dinosaur fossil hunter Frank Hadfield says this digital imaging by NAIT students of one of his fossils blew him away when he first saw it. (NAIT)

Now students have transformed bare bones into a highly-detailed three-dimensional image.

Hadfield said he'll never forget the first time he saw the digital creation.

"You get so wrapped up in all the science of it and doing all the technical stuff," he said. "You don't really sit back and think, 'Wow this little guy ran around..'

"Especially the shot of him going through the forest and the adult coming in and sitting on the nest. It blew me away."

Hadfield said he'll use the film, already featured on the Discovery Channel, in future presentations on the feathered dinosaur.