A farm family south of Edmonton have created what may be the world's largest QR code with their corn maze.

Each year, the Kraay family cuts a different design into a corn field on their farm in Lacombe County.

This year they decided to go with a QR code, a symbol used by marketers that can be scanned with a smartphone to access a website.

The family says the corn maze QR code actually works. Anyone scanning the code from the air would reach the Kraay family website on the browser of their smartphone, a feat that took some time to perfect.

"We tried once, it didn't work, so we were a little bit panicky," said Rachel Kraay.

"Did some figuring and figured out that the contrast wasn't quite good enough. So then we got in there with the rototiller and dug up the paths real nice and dark and the second time we went up, it scanned right away."

QR codes are also used on the ground to help people navigate through the maze.