Alberta is one step closer to a law that would allow people to take time off from work to look after a dying loved one.

The bill, brought forward by Conservative backbencher Matt Jeneroux, allows people to take 8 weeks of "compassionate care" leave when a loved one is gravely ill.

"Alberta is the only province that doesn't have something like this. I think it would be immense to be able to spend your last final days with your loved one," Jeneroux said.

The leave would have to be approved by a doctor who must confirm the ill person might die in the next 26 weeks.

The person would then be able to take the leave and return to their job or a comparable one with similar pay and benefits.

Jeneroux said he’s dealt with the stress of taking care of sick loved ones himself.

"It's something I personally regretted in my situation. I'm sure there's many others who have other situations similar to mine.

"Hopefully this can come through and we'll be able to make that a reality."

He said he’s hopeful the bill will pass its second reading.