An Alberta group representingcar dealers and mechanics says criminal gangs are fixing up wrecked cars from the United Statesand selling them to unsuspecting Albertans.

The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council says it's uncoveredabout 100 vehiclesthat were in major accidents in the U.S. and junked, only to wind up on Alberta roads.

Council spokesman Bob Hamilton says the gang fixes the wrecksup in Ontario and sells them in Alberta. Sometimes the vehicles have even been spliced together from two accidents, he said.

One new university graduate paid $33,000 for avehiclethat at one point had$28,000 in damage, he said.

"We had a guy just within the last month that bought a vehicle that had been in a big accident in Florida," he said. "The state of Florida had given it a title that said'certificate of destruction,' which means that the vehicle should not be on the road."

Once the vehicle's history is uncovered,some can't belegally driven in Alberta.

Hamilton says the required vehicleinspection in Alberta can't always catch these types of problems. He saysbuyersshould check a car or truck's history online with services like Carfax or CarProof.