Alberta boys victims of homicide

Two Alberta boys found dead this week in their home in Millet were victims of homicide, police have confirmed.
Connor and Jayden McConnell are shown here on a Facebook memorial site. (Facebook) ((Facebook))
Two Alberta boys found dead this week in their home were victims of homicide, police said.

RCMP confirmed Wednesday that Connor and Jayden McConnell, aged 2½ and 10 months, died in their home in Millet, Alta., about 40 kilometres south of Edmonton.

The bodies of the two boys were found by their father Monday afternoon.

Investigators are not releasing the cause of death. No charges have yet been laid in connection with the deaths.

Boys subject of custody fight between their parents

The parents of the two boys were in the midst of a divorce and custody battle, according to court documents obtained by CBC News.

A neighbour of the McConnells told CBC News on Tuesday that she had seen the bodies of the boys on the floor of the bathroom in the family's home in Millet, a town of about 2,100, 40 kilometres south of Edmonton.

She said the boys' father, Curtis McConnell, 31, told her he found their bodies in the bathtub.

Court documents show that Curtis and Allyson McConnell, who got married in Australia in January 2007, separated in November 2009 and began divorce proceedings in December.

According to the documents, Allyson McConnell, 31, wanted to take the children back to her native Australia, where her family lives and where she would be entitled to government support and have better prospects of generating more income than in Canada.

In her statement of defence and counterclaim, McConnell said the father would "continue to have reasonable and generous access" to the children.

Curtis McConnell did not want his children to leave Canada.

"I am completely opposed to this, and I am fearful that she will attempt to do this without my consent or knowledge," he stated in an affidavit filed in Edmonton Court of Queen's Bench on Dec. 11.

McConnell said he had taken the children's passports for "safekeeping." He said his wife had applied for Australian citizenship for the two boys and that he worried she would also be applying to get them Australian passports.

On Dec. 21, a judge ruled the children needed to stay in Canada for now and both parents would have joint custody of the boys. The judge ordered Curtis McConnell to vacate the family home in Millet by Dec. 31, 2009, and continue paying child support and the mortgage on the home.

Mother in hospital with broken bones, neighbour says

Police have provided few details about what they suspect happened at the Millet house on Monday afternoon.

RCMP confirmed a car found parked near Gateway Blvd. in Edmonton Monday is connected to the house in Millet, but they have not said how.

Edmonton police said a woman tried to kill herself by jumping off a Gateway Blvd. overpass an hour before the boys' bodies were found.

A neighbour of the McConnells said the mother of the boys was in hospital with several broken bones.