Two wood bison calves feed in a corral at Elk Island National Park, Alta. The two are a part of a group of approximately 30 that will be flown to the Republic of Sakha in Russia in March. ((John Ulan/Canadian Press))

Thirty wood bison from Alberta are being prepped for a move to Russia.

The bison, part of a herd in Elk Island National Park just east of Edmonton, will migrate to the Republic of Sakha, in northeastern Siberia, next month.

Once there, they'll join a small "foundation herd" that grew from a previous transfer of 30 Alberta bison to Russia five years ago.

The second group of bison will fly to Siberia in mid-March, following veterinarian tests to ensure their health.

Wood bison are classified as a "threatened" species.

Elk Island was home to some of the world's last remaining plains bison a century ago, but the animals have since recovered from near extinction. Elk Island National Park has successfully shipped 855 wood bison all over Canada, as well as to conservation programs in Alaska and Russia.

With files from The Canadian Press