Alberta announces 3 new schools, 1 expansion for Edmonton

The province announced it will build three new schools to help address enrolment pressures in Edmonton's growing communities, creating 3,100 new student spaces.

New Edmonton communities to get schools to ease growth pressure

The province announced it will build three new schools to help address enrolment pressures in Edmonton's growing communities and create 3,100 new student spaces. 

A new Kindergarten to Grade 9 school will be built in Summerside for 750 Catholic Separate School District students, while a similar school will go up in Windermere, in Ambleside, for 900 public school students.

Last December the province announced a new 750-student Catholic Kindergarten to Grade 9 school for Windermere.

A new junior high school will be also be built in Lewis Farms for 900 public students.

Lillian Osborne High School in southwest Edmonton will be expanded to accommodate another 600 students.

The Redford government also announced today 10 new schools for Calgary.

During the last election campaign, the Progressive Conservatives promised to build 50 new schools and modernize 70 others.

As of today, 42 new school projects are underway and the remaining eight new schools will be announced this month, the government said in a news release.