Drivers and staff for Airport Taxi ratified their first union-bargained contract Monday by a margin of 99 per cent.

It was "a good collective agreement that we fought long and hard to get," said David Froelich, who speaks for Teamsters Local 987.

The contract is rare among taxi companies in Canada, he said, where "five or six" companies have been organized — some by the Teamsters, some by the Canadian Auto Workers' union.

The deal won't likely have any impact on passengers, Froelich said, because riders are charged a flat rate on trips to and from the airport.

The deal will mean more money for drivers, as the stand rate fee they pay to Airport Taxi has been frozen at $230 a week for seven years.

Fees and penalties related to how the drivers do their jobs — such as a $20 fee for being late — have also been removed.

The drivers' union was certified April 2, 2009.