Some candidates running for Edmonton city council don't want the airport debate to hijack the election.

They're worried there will be too much focus on council's decision to close the City Centre Airport and not enough on other important issues.

Andrew Knack, who is running in the west end's Ward 1 said he hopes the debate will start to widen.

"There are so many other important issues that need to be discussed. To just have one issue dominate the entire election it's going to be a detriment to the entire city," Knack said.

"If you're just looking at one platform point of every candidate you don't even know what you are voting for, what they're going to stand on when it comes to LRT expansion, when it comes to the arena, which is a big issue, when it comes to the city budget."

Knack said when he's out canvassing, the airport  issue is really a small blip on the radar when compared to larger city issues.

A bigger concern he wants addressed is Edmonton's fiscal responsibility.

Candidates vying for mayor, city council and the public and catholic school boards had until Monday at noon to file nomination papers.

Election day is on Oct. 18.