Alberta Health Services declared the measles outbreak over in the Edmonton zone on Friday.

As a result, AHS will no longer offer additional early doses of the measles vaccine to children between six and 12 months old. The additional vaccines were recommended during the outbreak but are no longer necessary because it is considered over.

The measles outbreak in the Edmonton area was first declared on April 29. There hasn’t been a new case reported since May 20.

AHS says an outbreak can only be declared over when 42 consecutive days have passed since the date of the last confirmed case and no new cases have been confirmed in those 42 days.

Requests for early additional doses of vaccines will no longer be accommodated and only those appointments booked before Friday will be held.

However, infants travelling to other areas where there are measles outbreaks are still eligible to receive early doses of vaccines. Children four-years-old and older who are attending day care and haven’t received their second dose of the vaccine are still recommended to get the dose as soon as possible.