A volunteer effort to find new homes for almost 100 starving and mistreated horses seized in February from a northern Alberta farm is nearly complete.

All but one of the 97 rescued horses have been adopted, according to Susan Fyfe, owner of the Edmonton-area ranch which has cared for the animals.

Fyfe, along with a group of volunteers, has spent the last four months nursing the horses back to health and finding them new homes.

The Alberta SPCA turned over the horses to Fyfe after they were rescued from a farm near Andrew, Alta., 100 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.

Fyfe said the animals have been adopted by ranchers from all over North America.

"The majority of the people that have come and taken a horse, it's because they wanted to help, they've got wonderful hearts and a loving spirit. And they know they have the property and the time to spend one-on-one with the animals and be able to give them a forever-home in a loving environment," Fyfe said last week.

The horses became the focus of fundraising efforts that produced a donation of 25,000 kilograms of feed, veterinary supplies and tack from ranchers and business people in southern Alberta.

"All the professional people that helped us, from the farriers to the vets, have been absolutely wonderful and have taught me a lot and have taught all our volunteers a lot," Fyfe said. 

"To see those healthy hundred horses, it's been a very rewarding thing in my life."

The carcasses of 27 other horses were also found on the farm. Two men from Andrew face charges under the Animal Protection Act.