Some Parkland County residents are vowing to fight an addiction treatment centre proposed to go into the River Lodge yoga retreat.

Homewood Health is awaiting approval of a development permit for the 73-bed facility, that would offer six-week programs for adults trying to overcome drug and alcohol addictions.

However, most of the 85 people who showed up at an open house Wednesday night say they want the county to turn the permit down over concerns about on-site security, winter-road accessibility and the type of clients the centre will house.

“We're saying it's not right for anyone's backyard " said Christalene Lay.

Lay said she and her family chose to move to the area about eight years ago because it was quiet, and sparsely populated.

River Lodge

Homewood Health wants to buy the River Lodge yoga retreat and turn it into an addictions treatment centre. (CBC )

Now she worries how a treatment centre will affect the property value of  her home.

“It's to the point now where we're considering moving.”

Other residents worry that the program is only six weeks, meaning there will be a constant turnover of clients.

Tyler Killick worries that something could go wrong.

"There's no restriction,” he said. “They're allowed to leave the property anytime they want."

Not everyone at the open house was opposed to the proposal. Patricia Roo was one of the few attendees who supported the idea.

"I think we should take this project a little more seriously,” she said.

Homewood Health says their patients are everyday people who have volunteered to complete the treatment program.

"This is not about danger,” said Jared Landry, executive vice-president of growth and strategy for Homewood Health. “They're not in danger. “They're not putting the community in danger."

If Parkland County approves the development permit, the addiction centre would be ready to start accepting patients next summer.