The lawyer for Ryan James Huppie, seen in a police evidence photo, argues he was not responsible for the attack because of mental illness. ((CBC))

The mother of a man charged with raping and trying to kill his Edmonton neighbour broke down on the witness stand, leading the judge to order a brief recess.

Suzanne Huppie testified Friday she came home and found her son, Ryan, in the bathroom on the evening of Feb. 17, 2004 with blood on his jacket and drug paraphernalia under the sink.

She said he looked nervous and wanted to watch the news.

He told her he thought he did "something wrong," she recalled in court.

That day, a woman in Ryan Huppie's downtown condo building had been raped and stabbed dozens of times in a two-hour attack.

Huppie, 23, is on trial on several charges including attempted murder and sexual assault with a weapon.

His mother broke down on the stand and said, "I can't believe you're doing this to me, my son" before fleeing the courtroom.

The judge then ordered a break.

On Thursday, the court heard a frantic 911 call made by the woman who was attacked. She is expected to testify Friday afternoon.