Jonathan David (Dave) Meer is shown in a court sketch. ((CBC))

Accused extortionist Jonathan David Meer believed he was above the law and would do anything to resolve disputes to his satisfaction, a Crown prosecutor said during final arguments at Meer's trial Tuesday.

"We are entitled to live in a society characterized by the rule of law," Brian Holtby told the judge.

"The accused does not accept this. He believes that he is entitled to use any means to ensure disputes are resolved in his favour and is prepared to risk and ruin lives in the process."

Meer, 48, faces 15 criminal charges, including extortion and conspiracy to commit arson.

In his closing arguments, Holtby described the accused as evasive, called some of his answers absurd and said Meer tried to hide behind others to cover up his crimes. He also referred to Meer's characterization of the trial as a "dog and pony show."

"The attitude of the accused belies any intention to honestly participate in the search for the truth," he said.

Meer is accused of masterminding a crime wave against four business associates three years ago and getting his son and his son's friends to carry out the deeds.

Meer has denied any involvement in plotting the crimes, which included the firebombing of homes in Edmonton and Pigeon Lake.

Meer's lawyer, Ajay Juneja, will make his closing arguments Wednesday.