Accused apologizes for fatal Whyte Avenue swarming

The man convicted in the fatal stabbing of 20-year-old Dylan McGillis on Whyte Avenue in 2006, told the Lloydminster man's family he was sorry.

Cliff Decoine-Zuniga faces sentencing in the killing of Dylan McGillis in 2006

Cliff Decoine-Zuniga, who had denied any involvement in Dylan McGillis' death, apologized to the victim's family at his sentencing hearing today. (CBC)

The man convicted in the fatal stabbing of 20-year-old Dylan McGillis on Whyte Avenue in 2006, told the Lloydminster man's family he was sorry.

Cliff Decoine-Zuniga was being sentenced for manslaughter in an Edmonton courtroom Tuesday.

Dylan McGillis was stabbed to death in 2006. (CBC)
Decoine-Zuniga told McGillis's family he will pray for them and that if he knew someone had a knife that night, he would have walked away.

However McGillis's father rejected the apology and applauded the suggested prison sentence.

"It's something that hopefully can deter other people from doing things and as far as remorse goes I didn't see any," Grant McGillis said outside of court.

"I haven't seen any for the last seven years," he said. "He had ample opportunity throughout the 'Mr. Big' sting. He dived right in so I haven't seen any remorse." 

The crown described  Decoine-Zuniga's involvement in the swarming as cowardly and unprovoked, recommending a prison sentence of four to six years.

The defence, believing Decoine-Zuniga can be rehabilitated, suggested a term of three to four years.

The judge reserved his decision until March 19th.

Decoine-Zuniga, who has been out on bail, is now in custody.

With files from CBC's Gareth Hampshire