People living in northeast Edmonton got a colourful surprise Sunday.

A bright yellow, red and blue hot-air balloon landed right in the middle of the Newton neighbourhood.

Hot air balloon

The hot air balloon, at the whim of the changing winds, landed in a north Edmonton residential area on Sunday morning. (Simone Melanie Antoine/Facebook)

Fire crews were called around 8 a.m. after a bystander noticed the balloon descending quickly near 119 Avenue and 54 Street. 

It landed squarely in someone's front yard, in between a pair of elm trees and a parked RV. 

Despite the thrilling landing, no one was hurt. 

Emergency crews spent more than an hour on site, securing the scene and helping to haul away the deflated balloon. 

A breezy morning may be to blame for the unexpected landing.

The balloon's owner, Sundance Balloons, said hot-air balloons adapt their routes to where the wind takes them and the pilot chose the neighbourhood to land because it was free of power lines and other obstacles.

Hot air balloon