An Edmonton family is appealing to immigration officials to allow two daughters to visit their dying mother.

Izdihar Almousa, originally from Syria, is a patient at the University of Alberta Hospital where she is being treated for liver cancer.

Jaundiced, and growing weaker every day, she has only one final wish: to see her two daughters before she dies.

"She thinks every single nurse comes in is her daughter,” said Almousa’s son Dr. Mohammed Badawi.

However, her daughters Lobna and Sharifah Badawi are currently living in Ammam, Jordan where they fled after leaving Syria amid civil war.

When their mother was diagnosed with cancer they asked to come to Canada, but were refused a visa.

In a statement, Immigration Canada said all visitors "must have sufficient ties to their home country,” and expressed concern the women would refuse to return home after visiting family here.

"We have strong ties in Canada because we have a big family here, and that's a fact we can't change,” said Badawi.

"We're very depressed, we are frustrated. We’re shattered, basically.”

The family plans on making one final appeal to immigration services in the hopes of bringing everyone together to say goodbye.

"I think my mother and my sister deserves to hold hands before she goes away,"  Badawi said. "I'd really like to see my mother smiling before she dies when she touches her daughters’ hands."