In addition to interviews with members of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry and materials from the PPCLI archives, the following sources have been used to while researching this feature.

Birth of a Regiment, Princess Patricia‚Äôs Canadian Light Infantry 1914-1919 -  James S. Kempling (2011)

Once a Patricia: Memoirs of a Junior Infantry Officer in WWII - C. Sydney Frost (2004)

The Patricias: The Proud History of a Fighting Regiment - David Bercuson (2001)

A War of Patrols: Canadian Army Operations in Korea - William Johnston (2003)

Carriere, Felix: my Army recollections - University of Victoria Digital Collection (2007)

Operation Husky: The Canadian Invasion of Sicily, July 10-August 7, 1943 - Mark Zuehlke (2008)

Indepth: Friendly Fire - (2007)

Transcript of Air to Air Radio Communications - Tarnak Farm Board of Inquiry, 2002

Final Report  - Tarnak Farm Board of Inquiry, 2002