Nine — not 10 — Albertans have died of H1N1 flu, according to updated numbers released Tuesday by Alberta Health.

The confirmed number of flu cases in the province sits at 1,335 as of Jan. 6. Out of those 1,189 are H1N1, 14 are H3N2 and another 132 haven’t been classified.

A total of 288 people are in hospital because of the flu, with 70 in the intensive care unit

There are 503 flu cases in the Edmonton zone. Calgary has 437.

On Monday, Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. James Talbot said that 10 people had died from H1N1, 300 people were in hospital and 40 others were in the intensive care unit.

An Alberta Health spokesman says those numbers were an approximation. New numbers will be released on Wednesday, including the number of immunizations.