70 flags draped from condo balconies to celebrate Canada Day

Resident Denise Norbert distributed the flags to her neighbours in her Saskatchewan Drive condo
Denise Norbert handed out 49 Canadian flags to her neighbours for the holiday 1:49

A high rise condominium on Saskatchewan Drive is adorned with dozens of Canadian flags thanks to the efforts of one of its residents.

Denise Norbert collected 49 flags and distributed them to her neighbours so they could hang them on their balconies for Canada Day. There are now 70 flags in total since some residents had their own.

Some of the flags hanging off the balcony of Denise Norbert's condo. (CBC )

“All of a sudden we all came together,” Norbert said. “So I've met a lot of nice people and a lot of them have gotten to know each other because of the flags.”

Multiple sclerosis has left Norbert unable to walk. She uses a wheelchair to get around but doesn't let that stop her from getting involved in the community.

“I can reach out to people so you don't have to be a walking person to do things,” she said.

The flag display made new resident Sherri Wilson proud to move in to the condo.

“I bought a condo in here a couple months ago and I'm quite excited to see the community,” she said. “They're quite excited about Canada Day and I’m excited to move in.”

Norbert figures her location is ideal for her patriotic display as hundreds of people walk down Saskatchewan Drive to view the Canada Day fireworks display.