A 61-year-old Edmonton man has been accused of repeatedly molesting a six-year-old girl.

William John Brons, who also goes by the first name Jack, was arrested Tuesday and taken into police custody.

He is facing a number of sex-related offenses, including sexual interference, sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching, providing sexual explicit material to a child, making child pornography and possessing child pornography.

Further charges are pending, say police.

Detective Richard Walton said police began their investigation on the weekend after the little girl spoke with her parents about the alleged assaults.

“The parents did the right thing they believed her. They listened to her and called the police,” said Walton. “They didn't do any further questioning.  We were then contacted and we assumed responsibility for the investigation.”

Walton said it has been a “challenging investigation” as the alleged assaults took place between late August and mid-September and spanned several different locations, including Edson, Calmar and Edmonton.

Edmonton police say there may still be more victims.

Brons, who was not previously known to police, will make his next court appearance on October 3.