Sometimes it doesn’t take a huge event or cross-province ride to raise money for cancer – it only takes a ride around the block.

Or, rather, several rides around the block.

Six-year-old Nathan Marsh has only had his training wheels off for two weeks, but that didn’t stop him from circling his block 21 times – covering roughly 23 kilometres in about three hours.

In the process, he raised more than $1,900 for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

When asked why he did it, Nathan was to the point.

"Cause I wanted to raise money for the kids that are sick," he said frankly.

Nathan’s mother Allison Marsh has been participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer every year since Nathan’s younger sister was diagnosed with eye cancer as an infant.

"Nathan’s always really looked after his little sister ... and he’s always had a really big heart, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise for us that he wanted to do something like this."

She said the entire family got in the spirit of Nathan’s bike-a-thon.


Nathan's mother, Allison Marsh, has participated in the Ride to Conquer Cancer every year since her daughter (right) was diagnosed with cancer as an infant. (CBC)

"My mom and dad had made a sign for him that had a little countdown for how many times he was riding around the block," she said. "And it was a hot day, so we had the hose out and we'd spray him with the hose when he'd go by to keep him cool."

"We just had a lot of fun with it and really celebrated it for him," she added.

And Nathan’s family members are not the only ones celebrating his efforts – on Wednesday night, Nathan was given a hero’s welcome and his very own cycling jersey by the Alberta Cancer Foundation.