54 years of giving blood and still going strong

Ed Darrah has been honoured by Canadian Blood Services for giving blood for the 1,200th time.

Edmonton man reaches 1,200th blood donation

Ed Darrah, an Edmonton man , is honoured by Canadian Blood Services after giving 1200th blood donation. 1:04

In 1962, Ed Darrah walked into a clinic to give blood for the first time.  Now, 54 years later, he's still giving. Last week Darrah was honoured by the Canadian Blood Services for his 1,200th donation

As for why the Edmonton man donates so much blood, well, the answer is simple. 

"I think it is a moral responsibility of every Canadian citizen that is capable to at least make some effort to give blood to others," said Darrah.

"It's important to assist and help others in need."