Four men who suffered an electric shock putting up a light display in Red Deer, Alta.,are now expected to make a full recovery.

Two workers have been released from hospital and the other two are in serious but stable condition, said Jason King, owner of King's Energy Services Ltd. Monday.

The workers were moving the steel-framed display on Saturday whenitcame too close to an overhead power line carrying 25,000 volts.

"It's tragic right now because these are long-term, loyal, experienced employees that got affected and right now it's pretty much hit the whole company through and through," said King.

King said the men were setting up the annualdecorations on their own time in a show of holiday spirit for the small family-run firm that services the energy sector.

"The Christmas decorations are basically a large light show we have in front of our facility. It's a festive thing. The employees get together and they put it together themselves. It kind of shoots presents across the front of our building and with a large light show and explosions in an treed area," King said.

Alberta Workplace Health and Safety officers are investigating the incident.