Edmonton police have charged four people with trafficking after officers seized about $11,000 worth of drugs from a home and a car on Friday.

Police said they found 2.3 kilograms of marijuana sealed in small cans, more than 700 tablets of ecstasy, 1.2 kilograms of magic mushrooms and several types of steroids. Most of the drugs were found in a home on Edmonton's south side.

Police said members of the Metro Edmonton Gang Unit saw a man leave a residence in southwest Edmonton on Friday morning.

Officers followed him to an area where they believe he conducted two drug deals. After being pulled over, the man's vehicle was searched and he was eventually arrested.

As officers prepared a search warrant for the home that the man had left, two men were seen leaving the house and driving away. Officers stopped their vehicle and found the sealed cans of marijuana. The cans were similar in size to tuna cans.

All four men have been charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.