Det. Dave Schening says alert neighbour were crucial to arrests made at what Edmonton police call a bawdy house. ((CBC))

Police are crediting alert neighbours in a nine-month investigation that led to charges against four people for running what police call a bawdy house.

"The unique thing about it is it was a residential one in the Westmount community," said Det. Dave Schening, with the Edmonton Police Service.

People in the community had seen a lot of men coming and going from the house at 110th Avenue and 133rd Street at all hours and alerted police, he said.

"It's a nice, normal neighbourhood," said Schening. "Just to look at it at face value driving by, you'd never know.  You'd never pick up on the fact it's a bawdy house until you walk in the door."

The bungalow looked ordinary from the outside but was set up as a bawdy house inside, he said.

"Very basic, basic conditions. A bed with a sheet, a closet with lingerie hanging in it."

Police conducted a search of the home Thursday night and arrested three people.

Another woman was arrested at a hair salon at 108th Avenue and 98th Street.

"That beauty salon also has a licence for a massage parlour within the premise and that's how we connected the two together," said Schening.

Four people are charged with offences including living off the avails of prostitution, keeping a bawdy house, possession of a narcotic and possession of proceeds of crime under $5,000.