Land titles list Jeanne Cathleen Heard as one of two owners of the Edmonton house where an explosion occurred Sunday. The other owner listed is Dwayne Poirier. ((Submitted by Lyn Morrison))

Three of the four deaths in Sunday's explosion of a house in north Edmonton have been ruled homicides.

Craig Donald Huber, 29, and Bradley Warren Winter, 26, lived next door to the blast site and Jeanne Cathleen (Cathie) Heard, 47, lived in the house that exploded.

Dwayne Richard Poirier, 46, also lived in the house that exploded, but his death has been ruled non-criminal.

Only Winter and Huber's deaths have officially been determined to be a result of the explosion.

Heard and Poirier were the owners of the house that exploded, at 18011 91A St. The medical examiner will do more testing to determine the exact causes of their deaths.

Police are not confirming who caused the blast or whether it was a murder-suicide.

"We're still awaiting medical examiner results from the fourth victim so I can't answer that," said Edmonton police Insp. Darren Eastcott.

Police are not looking for any suspects.

Woman's bound body in wreckage

On Wednesday, CBC News was the first to report that multiple sources saw a woman's bound and wrapped body carried out of the wreckage of the home that exploded.

Eastcott refused to comment on those reports.

"You can't go into this investigation and assume things are the way you see it," he said. "You have to look at everything, you have to follow up with all kinds of evidence."

The cause of the explosion remains under investigation, and police will remain in the neighbourhood, Eastcott said.

"What we're simply going to do is provide that presence to dissuade people from coming through … and allow these people to get back to normal," Eastcott said.

Couple had volatile relationship

According to court documents obtained by CBC News, Poirier and Heard's relationship was extremely volatile. The couple lived together for about three years, moving in together in July 2007.


Dwayne Poirier's death has been ruled non-criminal in nature.

Heard was a lab assistant at the University of Alberta Hospital. Poirier worked as a forklift operator.

In the three years they lived together, both made allegations of physical and verbal abuse and they filed restraining orders against each other.

According to one document, police were called to the home three times on Oct. 31, 2007. Police were called a third and final time after Poirier said Heard told him he should sleep with one eye open because she was going to "blow out his brains."

Poirier left the house after the third visit from police and went before a justice of the peace at 3:30 in the morning to request an emergency protection order (EPO) against Heard, which was granted.

In her sworn affidavit filed later on Nov. 1, Heard said Poirier threw a cellphone at her and grabbed her and threw her on the bed. 

"Before leaving the house, the claimant told me he'd get me out one way or another," Heard wrote.

But nine days later, the EPO was lifted at Poirier's request.

Heard granted possession of house

On Jan. 1, 2008, Poirier tried to get another EPO against Heard, but a justice of the peace turned down the request.

Poirier successfully got the court to grant another EPO against Heard on Nov. 24, 2008.  A three-month extension was granted on Dec. 4 and an arrangement was made for the pair to take turns living separately in the house on alternate weeks.

On Dec. 12, Poirier asked for the order to be lifted, so the pair could go to counselling and "start the healing process to salvage this relationship." The order was revoked.

Heard was granted her first emergency protection order against Poirier on April 11, 2009.

She said Poirier threw rocks at her, choked her, hit her, pulled her hair and threw her down the stairs.

Heard said Poirier also slammed a door against her head, which gave her a cut above her eye. She also alleged he was verbally abusive and said she was afraid of him.

In a sworn affidavit filed on May 22, Poirier denied the allegations and said he never hit or assaulted Heard in any way. He accused Heard of making "false and misleading statements."

On June 19, 2009, Heard was given exclusive possession of the couple's house. The house was to be listed for sale, the document said, and the couple was to split the proceeds, after Heard received the money she had put towards the house as a down payment.

The house in question was the one that blew up on Sunday.